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So, Where's My Lamborghini?


This past weekend we ran a promotional giveaway for my first book, The Long Dark Lonesome. From Friday through Sunday the Kindle version was free to download, and a very cool thing happened. . .



About That Book I Pulled From Circulation


Almost four years ago I released a novel called One In The Barrelhouse. It was a fast, gritty horror story about a giant carnivorous worm attacking a dysfunctional family trapped by an ice storm. The reviews were good. People seemed to like it. It sold better than anything else I had done.


And then I pulled it from circulation. . .




Welcome to The Tipping Point


Some of you know me. Some don't. There's a bio page for the backstory, so all that aside, my name is Steven, I'm a writer, and this is my blog.


In short, Welcome to The Tipping Point. . .