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A speaking engagement, a new manager, and so many future projects it doesn’t look like I’ll ever sleep again.



And yet I love every minute of it.


This is the Tipping Point. It’s where I live.




An Honor and a Privilege


First things first, besides being the realest, I’ll be the featured speaker at the Silver Leos Writers Guild this Wednesday at Texas A&M-Commerce. The meeting will begin at 1:00 PM at the Alumni Building. It’s open to the public, so if you’re in the area come check it out.


If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you know writing is my passion. It’s something I’ve always loved doing, and has been a relentless lifelong pursuit for me. To be asked to speak on that journey and my process is such an incredible honor.


Much thanks and appreciation to Vicki Ellis Griffis for inviting me. Vicki and her husband, Sammy, are the authors of Jest the Two of Us, A Humorous Look at His and Her Columns, which I highly recommend!




So Many Future Projects



Because you only live once, right?


I’m currently working on a new book. Can’t say much about it, but we’re shooting for an end-of-April release date, likely the 27th.

Also, I’ll be vlogging again soon, as well as releasing some tutorial videos for anyone interested in writing, photography, videography, music, and the like.


And, since there’s gotta be some unscheduled minutes somewhere in the day, I’ll be doing more public appearances, book signings, and speaking engagements. As we get closer to that, I’ll create a calendar page so you can keep up with where I’m at and what I’m doing. Stalker.




I Kiss My Manager. A Lot.


Photo Credit: Photography by Emelia Deweese



For a while I’ve considered that I may need a manager, agent, or some kind of team to help in the next phase of my career. Being an independent author is an enormous amount of work. You write the books, you promote the books, you create the artwork, you answer the emails, you make the calls, you engage on social media, and you try to look good while doing it.


My wife has offered to assist me before, but I’m a control freak. And more than that, I was still figuring out my process, which meant I needed to be hands-on with everything. Now that I have a better grasp on that process, I'm learning to relinquish some of that control.


So, I would like to formally introduce you to my new manager, Mrs. Melissa Duncan. She'll handle the emails and phone calls, setting up events, scheduling, and making sure I look good (wink). Which frees me up to write the books, the blog, and get back into vlogging and videography.


Melissa is such a talented, intelligent, and reliable individual. She works harder than anyone I've ever met, and lately she’s been doing her own round of public events, speaking at women’s conferences and retreats. I’m proud of her, I’m proud to be her husband, and I’m glad that we’ve come to a place where I'm comfortable letting her take over the managerial side.




Good things happen when your spouse is your best friend, and the only person on earth that can talk sense into you. Just ask Ozzy Osbourne.




The Tipping Point





So that’s what’s poppin' at the Tipping Point. The little victories keep stacking up, and someday this thing is going to tip. I don’t know what it'll look like when that happens, but until then I’m going to keep hammering in wedges, and putting on the pressure.


This is The Tipping Point, and it’s more than where I live.


It’s where I come alive.


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